Travelogue -- Ken and Carolyn Go To London -- 2008

This travelogue is provided by pulling entries I made nearly daily on LiveJournal. I will attempt to edit them some, and I will be adding photographs.

My wife Carolyn and I travelled to London with a pair of friends, Don and BJ Gerth. Some of the photos on this site were taken by Don or BJ, and are credited appropriately.

This was a much anticipated trip, despite the dollar doing poorly and such. We bought our tickets before it had reached the point it was at, and honestly we don't begrudge it. We had a great time ...

In order to keep this organized, I've broken it down by dates, rather than loading one huge page with photos, which even on a fast connection can take time. The small photos on the pages are thumbnails for larger versions of the photo, which will have more detail attached to them.

Photos are copyright throughout, and are not something you are allowed to use without permission.

Click on a date below, and enjoy!

Date   Where We Went/What We Did
March 30/31Flight from SFO to Heathrow
April 1Ken Goes to Bletchingly
April 2The Tower of London, The Globe Theatre
April 3Hampton Court Palace
April 4Temple Church, National Portrait Gallery, Spamalot!
April 5The Victoria & Albert Museum (The V&A)
April 6The National Gallery, The Tower Bridge, Harrods
April 7Greenwich
April 8Westminster Abbey, War Rooms/Churchill Museum
April 9End of the Trip, Travel Advice