Travelogue -- Ken and Carolyn Go To Disneyland -- 2011

Repeating our anniversary trip again this year ... this time it was just Carolyn and I -- this was our 17th wedding anniversary weekend. We left Friday, Feb. 25, our anniversary was on the 26th, and we came back on the 27th.

The following is based on notes I took using my iPhone and "Evernote" -- a fun (free/cross-platform) note-taking software package ... the notes were fleshed out a bit as I was putting this together. The Photos were taken on both the iPhone and the Canon digital camera.

Friday (Feb. 25):
Weird. The weekend of our trip to Disneyland for our Anniversary ends up on the weekend of the worse storm in years. Figures.

Oakland airport "free wifi" doesn't work well on iPhones (has to do with needing to watch a video from an advertiser, but Safari on the iPhone doesn't want to play the video). Figures. Good thing the standard cell connections were working.

Our flight is scheduled for 10:30, so about 2 hours from now we'll be in the air.

(Our flight ended up being delayed because of weather -- storm caused problems ... we were an hour+ late ... and had to change gates at the completely opposite end of the terminal -- luckily there was time - this wasn't a "your plane leaves in five minutes RUUUUUNNN!" situation.)

Seeing some breaks/blue sky ... Probably fleeting, though.

(Flight was uneventful once we got it ...)

After settling into our room, we meandered into CA Adventure looking for a small snack. No food since breakfast at the airport, and it was 2:30. Ended up getting churros. Then we rode that huge honkin' ferris wheel with Mickey's head on it in California Adventure (see pictures below) ... Then we just wandered around. We have dinner reservations at the Napa Rose at 6:30 ... So just went all free form. We decided to see what this "ElecTRONica" show is after looking at all the lights set up in the Broadway area. Right now we're resting in our room, in a bit we'll change for dinner. We really like the restaurant ...

Saturday Morning (Feb. 26):
Great dinner at the Napa Rose last night:
Appetizer: scallop in an astounding lobster sauce
Soup: mushroom, w/brandied thyme "froth"
My entree: Baked sea bass, endive fried w/balsamic, mushrooms
Dessert: orange creme brulee on a bed of apple cooked w/pomegranate juice ...
Graziano (Mendocino) - Zinfandel (2005) -- SUPERB wine -- nice and mellow, very tasty ... have to see if I can find this one at Bev' Mo or something.

Last night we were going to see "ElecTRONica", so went back to the room, changed (figuring some rain). Went downstairs to a deluge (rain went NUTS, people leaving the parks to go to their rooms)... Went back upstairs, watched a little Robot Chicken, read, crashed.

This morning, we're breakfasting at Storyteller Cafe, then to Disneyland ...

Long day ... Got up 6'ish to go to breakfast (showered/shaved/etc.) at 7 at Storyteller Cafe -- the one problem, if it is a problem, is the people in costumes (characters) -- we had a "ranger" come by, then a bear, and a racoon, a chipmunk, another bear ... My feeling is, if you're going to eat in those restaurants, just go with it -- it's kind of fun, and of course it's really for the kids who love it.

Then off to D'land proper. Most of the day the crowds were light, which was nice - short lines for rides. Didn't rain ... Gasp. Was chilly though. Wandered to Downtown Disney for lunch, off to CA Adventure to hit a few spots ... Then Main Street Disney to try to find a specific shirt in my size (seagulls from "Finding Nemo", "Mine! mine! mine! mine! mine!"). No luck. Had to hit Tomorrowland and the shop that had the shirt, then have someone find it in my size ... Done! Back to hotel, clean up a little for dinner at the Trattoria, w/ preferred seating at the World of Color show. Picked up a heavier jacket, because of the cold. Of course, we really didn't plan for it to be this cold. One hint at how cold it really was -- Burbank (not too far from Anaheim) got a couple inches of snow ...

Today's the actual anniversary, and it's been nice.

Dinner at the Trattoria was a problem -- not the spouse's fault, not the employee's fault (last time we were there, we had issues with the service). The problem: despite our having reservations, there was no table INSIDE. It was freaking COLD outside. We had cold winds ... they seated us by a pillar that was supposed to block the wind -- didn't work. The wind was having none of that. So it was not a pleasant meal on that front. The food was quite good, I really wish I had been able to enjoy it more. After that experience, even though we had premiere seating for World of Color came with dinner), we chose to go back to the hotel room instead and be warm for awhile. My feeling was that since World of Color is a water show (fountains of water with images projected, and the water doing spiffy things as well ...), we would likley get wet on top of the cold wind ... sorry -- too much of a chance of getting sick from that. And the cold really was getting to me.

So we went back to the room, ate some chocolate (the chocolate coins are a better quality than you usually get, and you get a bunch staying at the Grand Californian -- they put them in the room after "maid service" is done ...), watched some TV, read, crashed.

Sunday (Feb. 27): This morning, after checking out of the room and leaving the bags with Bell service, we went to the main park ... Meandered, rode Peter Pan (CJ really likes it -- it's one of the older rides, sort of cheesy, but that's part of the charm of the older rides, really) ... Wandered off to New Orleans to have breakfast at the Belle Terrace. Pirates, Haunted Mansion. Meandered a lot. Energy down, it was still pretty cold. It was nice just to walk around w/my sweetie ... Around 11 back at hotel, being warm and mellow ... Bus approx. Noon, and off to airport, eventually home ... Flight is around 3ish, Oakland around 5ish ... Might even catch the Oscars.

(Flight home, uneventful, got home with no problems, cats were happy to see us and vice versa ...).

Not an exciting trip, but nice. Mostly it was about spending time in a place we both enjoy, with each other for company. We discovered a couple years ago that we could do that and really enjoy it. It seems like a simple enough thing to discover, but ...


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Friday Afternoon

The view from our balcony

Tower of Terror

The Ferris Wheel

Structure of the Ferris Wheel

Structure of the Ferris Wheel

Down in "Hollywood"

Down in "Hollywood"

Steampunk Mickey


Ducks and Ducklings

Ducks and Ducklings


Bippity Boppity Boutique

Princess/Coronation Set

Princess/Coronation Set


New Orleans

Small World

Cinderella house

evil queen!