Travelogue -- Ken and Carolyn Go To Disneyland -- 2010

We had so much fun visiting Disneyland for our anniversary last year that we decided to go again this year. This was our 16th anniversary.

Earlier in the year our good friends Don and BJ had celebrated their 30th Anniversary in Hawaii. They had invited us to go with them, but our schedules (mostly mine) just didn't work out properly. While that was disappointing for us, they had a great time. But we offered them to join us for our anniversary trip to Disneyland, as we'd been there with them before, and always had fun ...

There aren't as many photos from this year, as there were last time. We had fun, though, as expected.

We arranged the flights for a bit earlier on Friday and I took a vacation day from the school, and we left later on Sunday, giving us some time in the parks as well that day.

Our basic schedule allowed us to go into the parks a bit on Friday afternoon -- we had some lunch after a ride or two, some more rides and lots of walking around, then back to the rooms and get ready for dinner. We did dinner at the Napa Rose. At least as good as it was last year, but we felt like we needed wheelbarrows to get out of the restaurant, we were stuffed so full ... wow. After dinner (and some hilarity -- see below), we went out and wandered around in "Downtown Disney". Eventually we all came back to the hotel ...

Saturday morning we got up early enough to take full advantage of the "early entry" into the park. We were at the gates a few minutes before 7am, and while it was raining, we were prepared. We knew it was going to be wet ... We stormed the park in our tiny numbers (I think there may have been a grand total of 50 people at the gate, if that many ...). There are some great photos below showing how empty the park was that early on a RAINY day. I know last year it was much more crowded.

From one point of view, the fact that it rained like crazy Saturday morning (and on and off through the day was a bit frustrating and annoying. What was great was the lack of crowds in the parks ... this meant we could step into line and go straight to the ride most of the day on Saturday!

We had a lighter lunch on Saturday (we ended up eating a bit more than we meant to Friday), and then did more roaming around in the parks. Eventually we made it over to the Blue Bayou, where we had reservations. Unfortunately everyone knows about this restaurant, and it was packed. Even with reservations made 30 days in advance, we ended up seated by the kitchen and the bathrooms. You really don't get the ambience that the restaurant is famous for ... it was a bit disappointing. Oh well.

After dinner we split up -- Don and BJ went and did some things that they wanted to do, we wandered around a bit, did some shopping, got tiaras for a couple of friends (at the "Bippity Boppity Boutique" -- seriously!), a shirt for me, that kind of thing.

Sunday the weather lightened up, and was sunny. We got up early but not as early as Saturday. We got into the park around 7:30ish, maybe a bit later. We wandered around, and got a couple of rides in we didn't the day before. By the time we got back to the hotel the park was looking more like what we're used to (meaning crowds ...). We did get into the Tiki Room, which we had missed the day before ... silly but fun.

Regarding photos -- some of them are mine, some are Don's. In the full-size versions I will note which is which ...

We took photos of our room and the hotel because some friends asked us to ... and then Friday evening, when we came back from our wonderful dinner at The Napa Rose restaurant, we found our room had been ... er ... tarted up ... by the maid service (see photos below). I stood there for a few minutes just laughing. It was silly. I mean, it's a bit romantic to have rose petals all over the bed, but we've been married for 16 years, and we're in our 50s ... it just seemed a bit much. But I had to document it ...


(These are thumbnails, click on them to see a larger version ...)

Friday Afternoon

The Lobby of the
California Grand Hotel

The Lobby of the
California Grand Hotel

Our Room

Our Room

Our Room

Friday Evening

Our room after dinner

Our room after dinner


The "Magic Moistening"

Tomorrowland in the Rain

Ken Carolyn
in front of
The Castle

The Matterhorn
(No Crowds!)

Seagulls ("MINE!")

California Adventure
in the treehouses

Sunday Morning

Carolyn and Ken
Waiting for the
Train - Thunder Mountain

BJ and Carolyn
Coming out of
It's a Small World