Alaskan Cruise -- 2005

This set of pages of my bio site are specifically about the delightful trip my wife and I took to Alaska with her family. The basics: We toured the inner passage of the panhandle of Alaska. The details are below and contained here, with photos and a lot more. The following is from the Trip Log provided by the good folk at Holland America, the cruise line we used for this trip.

The basics of the trip: Carolyn's mother decided to do a cruise this year, but she started making plans last year. She was going to go with Gail (Carolyn's sister). Tom (Carolyn's step-father) was going to do a trip to Europe with his brother which fell through, so he decided to go on the cruise. Gail got excited and asked us to come along, and we decided "Sure, why not?" Gail also invited or talked to some friends about the cruise -- specifically a college friend Carol Weekley and her mother, and they came along as well. When it all got set up, although we were on different decks of the ship, we had a single table for dinner for formal dining, and we got to know Gail's friend and her mother (very nice people).

We flew out of Sacramento to Seattle and then to Vancouver. Tuesday evening Gail and Carolyn and I drove up to Sacramento (Gail worked that day, so she came up separately), and spent the night at the "Host Hotel" at the airport (almost directly across from the Alaska Airlines terminal). There was supposed to be a restaurant nearby, but despite the 1' high sign in the building across the road, the restaurant was closed for remodelling. We had some really poor ceasar salads (and Carolyn had a bagel) for dinner from a "snack bar". Oy. But oh well. Got up at gawdawful early in the morning and started the trek.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005     Vancouver, BC
12:00 noon W2, Clear skies, 16°C,
49° 17' N, 123° 07' W
04:15 pm Passanger Boat Drill
04:46 pm Cast off lines and sail for Juneau via Tracy Arm
05:11 pm Pass under Lion's Gate Bridge
01:30 am Navigated Seymour Narrows
Thursday, May 26, 2005     At Sea
3:30 am Navigated Race Passage
4:40 am Navigated Blackney Pass
7:04 am Disembarked BC Pilots at Pine Island
12:00 noon N2, Clear Skies, 14°C
52° 25'5N 129° 35W
11:00 pm Crossed United States Border
Welcome to Alaska
Friday, May 27, 2005     Juneau, AK
03:55 am Embarked our SE Alaska Pilots
06:54 am Entering Tracy Arm
08:50 am Maneuvering around Sawyer Glacier
11:06 am Leaving Tracy Arm
12:00 noon SE3, Partly cloudy skies, 12°C
57° 58'N 133° 59' W
12:46 pm Entered Gastinau Channel
02:50 pm Safely Moored, Juneau
10:00 pm Cast off lines and sail for Skagway
Saturday, May 28, 2005     Skagway, AK
06:18 am Safely Moored, Skagway
12:00 noon Light Airs, Clear skies, 18°C
59° 27'N 135° 19' W
08:46 pm Cast off lines and sail for Glacier Bay
Sunday, May 29, 2005     Glacier Bay, AK
07:00 am Pick up Glacier Bay Park Rangers
09:37 am Maneuvering Lamplugh Glacier
11:00 am Maneuvering Margerie Glacier
12:00 noon On Station Margerie Glacier
N2, Overcast Skies, 10°C
59° 03'N 137° 03'W
03:51 am Disembarked Park Rangers and set sail for Ketchikan
Monday, May 30, 2005     Ketchikan, AK
00:30 am Navigated Cape Decision
03:24 am Navigated through Snow Pass
07:30 am Entered Revillagigedo Channel
08:30 am Safely Moored, Ketchikan
12:00 noon W3, Partly cloudy skies, 15°C
55° 20'N 131° 38'W
05:51 pm Cast off lines and sail for Vancouver
06:56 pm Disembarked SE Alaska Pilots at Twin Island
09:00 pm Crossed Canadian Border, Welcome to British Columbia
Tuesday, May 31, 2005     Inside Passage
12:00 noon SE 3, Overcast skies 13°C
50° 57'N 127° 44'W
12:00 noon Embarked our BC Pilots
04:00 pm Scenic Cruise Alert Bay
07:30 pm Navigated Johnstone Strait
09:20 pm Navigated Seymour Narrows
Wednesday, June 1, 2005     Vancouver, BC
06:30 am Expected to pass under Lion's Gate Bridge
07:00 am Expected to be Moored, Canada Place, Vancouver

Of course, this log does not really tell you what we did, and all that. The links for individual days shown above will describe in detail (some more, some less) what we did, and should also include photos for those days I was up to taking them.

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