A Mirror into Ken's Past -- 2000

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We went to Disneyland this year, but rather than with Don and BJ (who were busy this spring with family vacation stuff), we went with Gail, Carolyn's sister. We had a great time. We flew and stayed at the Pacific hotel (one of the Disney hotels), did it "right". We did one thing we hadn't with Don and BJ, although we knew about this option because they'd told us about it. If you get to a special place early in the morning before the park opens, there are limited seats at the art gallery where you can watch the fireworks and other shows, and have desert. You have to pay a pretty hefty fee, but it was worth it just that once (well, it'd be fun to do it again, but only if we were feeling "flush").

We also got two months notice that the landlord was selling the house we'd been renting since 1991. Ouch. That was rough. Luckily I had some money still in savings from when I got laid off from Borland, and had managed to put some more money in savings from income tax refunds, and such.

March 7, 2003 -- Carolyn works in the mortgage industry, and one day after we'd settled into the place we lived after this one, she got a phone call from the old landlord (coincidence, he wasn't calling her directly, but his call was sent to her about whatever ...), and they ended up talking. She also had done some checking using some of her resources she has available. He never put the house on the market because he would have lost money on it, and so he is now renting it to several different people as a shared rental. Figures ... while the house was not one we would have purchased, it was okay, the location was fantastic, and as landlords go he was pretty conscientious. It would have been nice to stay there until we purchased our own place, but oh well. Moving did force us to purge a lot of stuff, which is, in the long run, good.

Carolyn and I started looking. It wasn't easy. The housing market was weird at that point in time. Carolyn was getting edgy, but we eventually, after a lot of looking, stumbled across a place that is a couple of blocks from where she lived as a kid, and right near a school she went to. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but there's a decent amount of room to it. We filled out an application, had a nice chat with the woman who owns the house. We looked at some other places, but nothing was looking good.

Eventually we found out we had it. We did all the moving stuff, but rather than try to move (particularly with my bad back) ourselves, we paid a moving company to move everything. Some of our friends told us "you could have asked us to help", but frankly, with all the books and furniture, and the fact that our friends are aging at the same rate we are, we didn't want to put any of them through the physical torture of moving us. It was an all day effort, and we moved a total of maybe a mile from where we had been living.

Don and BJ, and Tim and Laurie all came and helped us unpack things and organize them into the different rooms.


Not a lot to mention here. The Golden Stag Players worked up a new play (based on an idea of Carolyn's), and got it ready to go. It was a bit of a fluff piece, but it was quite funny -- we had a lot of physical humor in it to fill it out a bit.

In December, while we were still in rehearsal, we were approached by a gentleman in Austin, Texas, who wanted to put on a Commedia dell'Arte festival. He'd heard of us by checking our website, and Laurie had been talking to him via email about Commedia. His troupe is a bit more modern than ours, which is fine -- he performs for modern audiences, we perform for SCA audiences, and there are different expectations. In addition, his troupe only does Commedia, where the Golden Stag Players tend to do a variety of styles.

He was trying to make this truly international, and bring some troupes from Europe, some instructors in for the festival, the works. I mentioned it to my troupe, and they were pretty emphatic about wanting to do it. I gave the folk in Texas a tentative "yes, plan on us". As it turns out, our deciding to go was a turning point in the festival -- if we hadn't decided to go it is possible it might not have happened.

Then we went back to our (non-Commedia) play we were preparing for January.

You would think that the closer to the present we get, the more I would remember, but there doesn't seem to be anything that jumps out at me. I could probably present lots of little details, but there's nothing really important that has happened in here.

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