A Mirror into Ken's Past -- 1999

I was hating my job at OmniCell. This had nothing to do with the people, they were nice folk. On top of the commute issues, the product I was testing was just not interesting to me, the job was really making me crazy, and the R&D team had a hate relationship with QA. (While I can understand being frustrated by being told there's a problem in your code, R&D engineers need to realize that QA isn't "out to get them" ... sigh)

Don and BJ Gerth asked if we wanted to go to Disneyland, and this time fly there, stay at the Disneyland Hotel, and do "the works". That was a great trip. Staying at the hotel right there has some perks, and of course one of them is that you can leave the park, take a nap at the peak time of traffic at the park (or whatever), and then go back in the early evening.

I started writing "How To" documents for dBASE at work, which seemed kind of silly, except that people were still using it. Borland never told the world-at-large that they were killing the development of the product, and it was still selling. I wasn't really doing the work I should have been doing all day long.

April rolled around and Alan Katz, some others from TeamB (Bowen Moursund and Jim Sare) and Charles Miedzinski started contacting me about how they were trying to put together a company to buy dBASE from Borland, and asked if I'd be interested in joining them. I was thrilled!

Toward the end of April I started hounding Alan a bit (as I was really hating my job), and he finished things up to the point that I could be hired on. dBASE, Inc. was getting started. One of the best things about it is that it's a "virtual company" -- most of us work from home. At first I just used my personal computer, but after awhile dBASE sent me a couple of computers, a network adapter, all that good stuff, and paid for some office equipment and wallah! Instant office.

I left OmniCell with no regrets. The people there were fine people really. I just didn't like the job itself. I suppose I could have tried to put more effort into it, but ...

When I started work for dBASE, Inc., I also retired from TeamB permanently. Since Borland had gotten rid of dBASE there was no reason for me to be on TeamB ... some of the dBASE crew stayed on TeamB and changed to other products, the rest just gave up.

After I started working for dBASE, Inc., and Charles was looking for other QA/Tech Support people, I convinced Tim and Jeff to submit resumes, and they eventually got hired on.


The Golden Stag Players decided to do something we hadn't done before. We decided to go all the way into studying a period form of theatre (one we'd had success with before -- Commedia dell'Arte), and really do it right.

We did masks, costumes, and the works. For our first effort at doing everything it went really well. Tim and Laurie worked very hard on this one, and spearheaded the mask-making, the research, and so on. The script had only two jokes that were blatantly non-period, and those were fairly obscure. This was really their project, not mine.

I'm mentioning this because it becomes even more important two years down the road.

Other than this huge project there isn't a lot that I can remember from that time. CJ and I were still happy, life was trundling along just fine.

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