A Mirror into Ken's Past -- 1997

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I think this is where I had my second accident -- someone rear-ended me. The damage wasn't bad, but add that to the accident of a year previously, and one could get the feeling that commuting in the Bay Area is a bad idea (and they'd be right).

You would think that the closer to the present I got, the better I could remember events. There just wasn't anything spectacular -- good or bad -- that happened in here, I guess.

The Borland Conference happened but I wasn't allowed to go by my manager that year. He felt someone else should get a chance. I suppose I could have pre-empted him and submitted some papers first ... but oh well. I was a bit bummed, as I really enjoyed the conferences.

The developers of IntraBuilder and Borland's mucky-mucks decided that IntraBuilder wasn't doing real well. So instead we got the go ahead to work on Visual dBASE again. With all the changes in the software we skipped version 6.0 completely, and cranked out version 7.0 that fall. Shortly after 7.0 was put out onto the market we put out 7.01 which fixed a bunch of serious problems. It was a bit hectic because it meant in the QA Department getting everything working to test Visual dBASE, and in some cases, getting some of the QA Team up to speed on this product, as they didn't know it very well.

When Jeff had moved out a few years earlier from the house, he left Max (his cat) with us because he couldn't find a place that would let him keep Max at the time. We grew really attached to Max. He'd had a very tramautic experience in a rainstorm at one point (he became an outdoor cat after moving to the house in El Cerrito) -- he was outside, lightning, thunder, rain -- he was pretty freaked when he finally got the nerve up to come to the house and get inside.

One day when we went to a play rehearsal we let him out of the house as the weather looked great (we hadn't checked the reports). While we were in Mountain View for the rehearsal a nasty thunderstorm came through. We never saw Max again after that. We missed him hugely. He had become quite affectionate and very sweet over the years, and his loss hurt us pretty badly. We tried all the usual channels, posting signs, checking with animal shelters, etc. We never saw him or heard from him. We can only hope he found a good home.

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