A Mirror into Ken's Past -- 1995

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I went to the Oerthan Coronet Tournament that year by myself because Carolyn's company had yanked her vacation time out from under her before we bought tickets. This was a special one, as it was 10 years after Oertha's first Coronet Tournament. Kylson won for Robin (Anne of Bradford) which was cool, as they were the first Prince and Princess back in January of 1985. I was there for awhile, visiting, hanging out, being a nuisance. The usual stuff.

In addition to writing articles for dBASE Advisor (until the magazine died in September), and still working at the Department of Energy for TRESP, once again a call went out for speakers for the next Borland Conference. I answered the call and worked on papers.

There wasn't a lot of note to remember from the SCA during this time. We went to events, we did things. The Golden Stag Players were still active performing at events. We hadn't yet reached the point of really concentrating completely on the January 12th Night event. This meant we were doing performances at other smaller events. This year I let one of the actors direct a show that her mother had found. After it was over, she decided she didn't feel a strong need to direct again. <g>

I think we did Disneyland with Tim and Laurie this year. That was fun. Tim found a book on magic in the magic shop that ended up giving him a focal point for the SCA, and he eventually got laurelled partially because of doing medieval stage magic.

Not a lot to say here. I can't remember much, nothing spectacular seems to have happened. Don't ask me why, but I have few outstanding memories of this time.

The Borland Conference happened, I went, I presented papers. As usual, had a blast hanging out with the TeamB dBASE crew. We always had a lot of fun getting together. This was in San Diego, this year, and I decided to go out to the Zoo on Saturday, since that was the day before the conference actually started (except for some 'Early Bird' sessions). There are a few photos from that below ...

The TeamB gathering in Scotts Valley happened in here as well, I think it may have been late summer, while the conference above happened in September.

Other than that, again not much happened. At least, I cannot remember much that was special. That isn't to say we sat around the house and twiddled our thumbs, but I can't remember specifics.

We were doing Christmases at Carolyn's mother's place in Sacramento, usually Gail was there. Thanksgiving varied. Sometimes we'd have people over, sometimes we'd go somewhere.

A Few Photos
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Cousin Lucinda's

Ken's Mother

Zoo: Zebra

Zoo: Deer

Zoo: Giraffe

Zoo: Meercats

Zoo: Leopard

Zoo: Polar Bear

Zoo: Polar Bear

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