A Mirror into Ken's Past -- 1994

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The Wedding
The most important thing that happened that spring was at the end of February (the 26th, to be exact) -- Carolyn and I got married. Carolyn and her mother did most of the planning. Carolyn took out a loan to cover the wedding and made the arrangements for it to happen at a nice hotel in Lafayette, California. We got invitations sent out, and all that.

We bought nice simple wedding bands -- white gold. We didn't really feel a need for anything fancy in that department. Carolyn made her own dress, but we bought a nice suit for me (which I still have, and can still get into!).

My parents spent the weekend of the wedding at our house, which was ... a bit awkward, but oh well. They couldn't afford a hotel, and had driven down from Oregon. My brother David showed up at the wedding as well, which I didn't really expect.

It was not a huge wedding as weddings go, but it was very nice. Carolyn's brother Bill, was in the Air Force at the time, so he wore his dress uniform and gave her away (her father had passed on some years before). Heather Jones played harp in the back of the room, providing atmosphere and she played the music for the procession. Carolyn's sister Gail was her bridesmaid, and I asked Tim Converse to be my best man. We had a simple ceremony, and the reception was downstairs from the wedding. For the reception, Dawn's group performed (they're an acapella group who do mostly medieval and renaissance music, and are quite good). It was a bit strange having Dawn there, but she was pleasant and we had a good chat during the afternoon.

There were no incidents that I can recall, except for the minister forgetting that we had asked for the bits about having children to be removed. I think she was working on remote control, and just read the whole thing without remembering to cut that part. We had some good photos taken, everyone seemed to have a good time. The cake was carrot -- CJ did that knowing how much I love carrot cake. It went over pretty well -- I didn't realize people went back for seconds, or I would have made a beeline for the cake a second time myself. <g>

I remember my brother chatting up the wedding photographer (I think he was hitting on her, but I didn't stick around to listen to the conversation).

We couldn't invite everyone because of cost -- I think the list was limited to 50 people. Also due to cost/expenses, we didn't have a honeymoon. I hope to do something really good for our 10th anniversary ...

Carolyn's Family
Probably the best place to talk about Carolyn's family, whom I get along with really well (better than my own). Carolyn loves her family, and loves to see them. Unfortunately over the last few years there haven't been as many opportunities as she'd like, but she still spends a lot of time on the phone with them when face-to-face doesn't happen. The fact that she's so close to her family, and I'm not very close to mine sometimes throws her for a loop -- it's hard for her to imagine ... Carolyn is the oldest of her siblings.

Margerie and Tom Leffingwell -- Carolyn's mother and step-father. They are great. Mom is a really sweet lady. Tom is hysterical -- he looks a bit like Edgar Alan Poe (we bought him a tshirt of a sketch of Poe on it, and when he wears it, it's almost surreal ...). He's a great cook, has a great sense of humor. I really love both of them, they're good folk, and they love me, which is a bonus.

Gail Eaton -- CJ's sister. She's a geo-chemist at the Laurence Livermore Labs in Livermore, working the heavy duty equipment there, doing analysis of soil, all kinds of things. In addition, she's a musician, plays guitar and violin. At one point she was looking for a violin. Since I wasn't playing Aunt Grace's violin, I gave it to Gail. She's really enjoying it. She and her sister get along great, and we see her fairly regularly, do dinner, all that.

Bill Eaton -- CJ's brother. A former Air Force pilot, he now flies for Alaska Airlines. He married Rebecca (can't remember her last name now), and they're living in the Seattle area at this point, with their two kids (Stephanie and Patrick). Bill sometimes stops through when he's flying and we get together with her sister usually and do dinner. He's a funny guy. Recently Carolyn and I went to dinner with Bill, Rebecca and the kids. I will say they are well-behaved children, and adorable to boot.

Carolyn has an aunt Carolyn (guess who she was named after), who is her mother's sister, and a bit of a loner. She's a bit hard to deal with, but oh well ...

These are the folk I'm most familiar with, I see them fairly regularly ... and really enjoy it. Tom's got other family that we sometimes see, as he was previously married and divorced before marrying Marge. We get along pretty well with Tom's son Sanford and San's wife (just this last summer) Hilary. His daughter ... well, she means well, and is struggling to make life work. She's a bit hard to take, as is her boyfriend, but in the time I've known them I've seen improvement. Luckily we don't see too much of them.


That spring I heard from some friends something that distressed me about the finalist and his lady in the Principality tournament. I decided to do something about it. Unfortunately I didn't check facts, and handled it poorly, and upset some folk, including the royalty. I got "fired" from the position of the Vesper Principal Herald before my tenure was over (by 4 months), and in May handed the office over to my successor. The annoying thing was that the problem got resolved quietly, and the folk who got hurt were fine with my apology, and all was well. It was all pretty stupid, but tempers and such got involved. That's how things go. It's long done and overwith, and there's no need to go deeper into what happened here. I'm mostly over it ...

We had patched things up with Jeff somewhere along the line so we were at least still friends. He had also been hanging out and participating more with the Golden Stag Players, so it would have been hard to avoid him, and we really didn't want to. In addition he had become good friends with Tim and Laurie, and that would have been awkward, as well. Jeff's got a lot going for him, and we were glad we had "made up". Jeff attended our wedding ...

With everything going on this spring, going to Disneyland was out of the question, so that didn't happen ...

There was the next Borland Conference, and I was busily writing papers. Borland was coming out with two new releases, dBASE 5.0 for DOS, and dBASE 5.0 for Windows. I had papers for both products that year, but the Windows stuff was pretty confusing, because the language used to write code was changing (to become full object-oriented, and work with Windows, and ...). I think most of the dBASE people out there were confused by the changes needed to move into Windows. That's ok ... it's a big change in the way you think, and it was a good change overall.

Borland Conference -- this year was in Orlando ("Borlando"). Hot and humid. Whoever thought that Orlando in June was a good idea should have been shot. It was a fun conference, and the dBASE TeamB folk had a BLAST. The dBASE TeamBers were sort of an anomaly in that we really hung out with our own group, and not the rest of TeamB very much. We were always cracking each other up, and having way too much fun. I swear some of the other guys on TeamB were stiffs. <g>

The highlight of the conference was the night we got one evening at Disneyworld (the MGM Studios section). Basically after a certain point in the evening, if you left, you weren't allowed back in, unless you had a conference badge. This meant we had the place to ourselves for the most part. I have a lot of fond memories of that conference. Carolyn was a bit miffed by this, but it wasn't like I was the one who planned it. (We have hopes to eventually get there and do the whole Epcot Center experience ...)

At the conference I was approached about writing for a new magazine by the folks who published Databased Advisor called dBASE Advisor. I figured sure, why not? I ended up having at least one article in every issue until the magazine died to do lack of circulation in September 95. That was a shame. I won't go into a lot of detail on why that happened, but it was largely due to the fact that Borland wasn't really pushing dBASE into the market ... it was sort of a lost stepchild product. I wrote a bunch of articles. I hope they helped people out ...

I was also working with a bunch of other folk on a project that really got started way back at the old Ashton-Tate BBS. I had started collecting all kinds of special routines that made coding in dBASE easier for the developer. It became the dBASE Users' Function Library (dUFLP, pronounced duh-flop), and it's still out there. It's a huge library of free code, the only caveat being that you need to leave the headers with the author's name in the source code. It's quite popular as people in the dBASE community work off of the "why reinvent the wheel?" concept.

SCA-wise since I was no longer Vesper, I didn't have monthly meetings, and monthly paperwork that I had to do, although I attended the first couple of meetings of my successor to make sure the transition went smoothly. After that I sort of dropped out of the heralds office, except for little things, like coding some stuff. I've also, over the years, done a few tasks for the heralds including keeping the Ceremony Book updated, the Herald's Handbook updated, and now am running the Herald's website (again, this is being written in November of 2001).

When I was Vesper a person who had held the position many years earlier moved, and handed over to me STACKS of old newsletters, and a history of the SCA that he had written that covered the first 13 and a bit years of the SCA and the West Kingdom. I took it on myself to type the history into the computer as his version had been typewritten on onion-skin paper, and had some notes in the margins, and such. This turned into a VERY long term project that just recently was completed, sort of. I worked on that for a long time (from September 1993 to March of 1996!).

There was another TeamB gathering ... I was still working for the DOE via TRESP (the company had definitely changed hands by this point, I'm sure of it).

The Golden Stag Players were still doing their thing, which I was in the middle of.

Life was busy, but it was interesting. I was enjoying things ...

A Few Photos
(These are thumbnails, click on them to see larger versions with text explaining them)

The wedding photos shown here are just a small selection from the full album. I didn't want to bore folk with all of them. If you want to see the rest, you'll just have to come visit Carolyn and I. So there. Nyeah.

Ken and Carolyn's Wedding
All photos of the wedding are by Judy Lepire

Bride and Groom

Dick and Rob Mosher


The Minister

Gail Eaton

Bill Eaton
escorts Carolyn

Tom and Marge

The Ceremony

Gail Eaton and Ken


Marge Leffingwell

Bride and Groom
and mothers

Marge Leffingwell
and Grace Mayer

Wedding Party

Gail, Carolyn, and
Bill Eaton

Tom Leffingwell,
Carolyn, and
Marge Leffingwell

David Mayer,
Carolyn and Ken,
and Bill Mayer

Sue Eaton,
Carolyn, and
Robert Eaton

Toasting the Marriage


Morely or Less

Elaine Kovacich
and Carolyn

The Cake


Catherine Keegan,
Don and BJ Gerth

Fred and Lynn

Grace Mayer

Bill Mayer

Marge and Tom

Tim Converse,
Laurie Hupman, and
Jeff Boylan

Dawn Davidson
and Ken

David Mayer

Catherine Keegan,
Valerie Frazier,
and Don Gerth

Tim Converse

Bill Eaton,
Marge and Tom Leffingwell

Tom Leffingwell

Rob and Dick

Carolyn Kemmler

(?) and Carolyn

Tom Leffingwell
and Bill Eaton

Ken and Carolyn
cut the cake

Ken and Carolyn
feed each other
the cake

Dawn Davidson
and Ken

Carolyn and
Cynthia Hilton

Elaine Kovacich,
Danielle Waite,
Lee Forgue

BJ Gerth
and (?)

BJ Gerth
and (?)

Pat Mosher and
Marge Leffingwell

Elaine Kovacich
and Danielle Waite

Ken removing
the garter

Tim Converse
caught the garter

Carolyn throws
the bouquet

Heather caught
the bouquet

Robert Eaton,
Tom Leffingwell and
Bill Eaton

Ken and Carolyn

Ken, Carolyn and
Bill Eaton

Friends clowning

The hotel
the wedding was
held at


TeamB at

TeamB at

Keith and Ken
at Conference

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