A Mirror into Ken's Past -- 1993

Flood Plain - between Melbourne and Sydney
I couldn't tell you more than the fact that this was somewhere between Melbourne
and Sydney. Among other things, it's a 12 hour drive, and gawd knows at this point
where this was. I thought it looked kinda interesting ... Bruce, Peter and Tia were
quite forgiving of my wanting to take a photo of something kinda dull to them.

Bruce notes: "I think the flood plain was near Wangaratta, near the border with New
South Wales. There had been heaps of rain around that time and there was danger
that the highway would have been washed out (which would have made our trip north
extremely difficult). Nowadays, the town is bypassed by a freeway extension and
the road is probably flood-safe. Of course, at the moment we're suffering from a
severe drought .... That flood-plain you photographed is probably a dustbowl currently."

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