A Mirror into Ken's Past -- 1977

The Student Union Building on the University of Alaska, Fairbanks campus.
This building was designed to give a feel of open air inside. It had a bowling alley, arcade, conference
rooms, and a really interesting lounge area. There was a cafeteria upstairs that served lots of
deep-fried foods (deep-fried mushrooms were a particular favorite of some of us). The reason for the
open-air design? In Fairbanks, in deepest, darkest winter, there is a point where during the day there
are maybe 2 hours of sunlight. This causes depression in some folk (the term 'Cabin Fever' is used to
describe it). Some people commit suicide from this depression sometimes. The idea here is to give
people a place where they don't feel as enclosed ... Anyway, this photo was one I particularly liked,
with the sun just over the edge of the top of the building like that.

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