Photo by Sandra Linehan © 2014

Welcome to Golden Stag Productions

Golden Stag Productions is a single-person -- Ken Mayer. I am a person of many skills and talents, having worked in a wide range of different positions for several companies. I have a strong background in technical writing, training, software development, website development, and software quality assurance.

I have written three well-received books on dBASE™ -- a Windows-based, object-oriented, database and software development platform. I have many years experience teaching both in the classroom in a formal setting (most recently as a business instructor at Heald College before the college closed) and informal. I started Golden Stag Productions developing software for other businesses, although I am not specifically looking for work in this area. I have developed websites for my own use, and for a non-profit educational organization. And I spent many years as a Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer for Borland, Omnicell, and dBASE, Inc.

With this background, I have learned to be customer-oriented, and when I was doing Software Quality Assurance I focused on the needs of the customer -- presenting their side of issues and pushing to get the coders to understand their needs. When I put together websites I always work on usability first -- I again attempt to think like the end-user of the site, and don't focus on all the "cool features" that I could use, just the ones that will actually be used by the people the site is designed for.

As a trainer I excel at taking topics that can be daunting and confusing and explain them so that the student can understand and actually use features of software that were overwhelming.

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